take two…sonoma county, ca family photographer

yes, this was a take two-er…we wanted so badly to do this family session in the mustard fields and these were in a vineyard with absolutely no shade…so of course we planned as late as it would work for the family and i to do this shoot and the first try was such a bright sunny day…it was like it was never going to go down!  and poor daddy with his blue eyes… i know how that is…was squinting the entire time.  do-over!  i had to ask them… and i felt so bad because i know how hard it is to get two little children all dressed up and ready, let alone get themselves dressed and ready too…but they were so incredibly sweet and understanding about it.  i just couldn’t give them blown out squinty eye’d images!  so here is the second shoot…still pretty bright out but not quite as sunny as the first.  whew…amazing sweet…beyond nice family…love them!

IMG_8143 IMG_8123 IMG_8120 IMG_8104 IMG_8097 IMG_8079 IMG_8028 IMG_7981 IMG_7975 IMG_7963 IMG_7936 IMG_7904 IMG_7862 IMG_7859 IMG_7833 IMG_7024-photoshop