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So for me, it began with a message… are  you  available to do photos this Sunday?  My answer was yes I am in the evening…what are you looking for?  He answered…I am going to propose to my girlfriend and I need an undercover photographer!  My heart dropped!  I answered with omg you just made me so nervous!  But I was also so excited!  I couldn’t mess this up…a once in a lifetime, something you can’t reshoot.  It was Mike and Stacie’s three year anniversary of being together and he made plans for them to have a picnic up at Bella Vinyeards.  That was all she knew…So…the photography portion of the planning began…I had only 2 days to prepare for this huge surprise I was about to witness and capture….he told me his detailed plans and it was giving me chills just hearing about them.  I couldn’t do this without first seeing the spot he was thinking of for this surprise proposal…so I met him up at beautiful Bella Vineyards in our beautiful Sonoma County.  He found his spot… and that is where we planned where I would be sitting so that I would not be too obvious.  We decided it would be best if I wasn’t there alone… how silly would I look there all by myself taking random pictures… so my amazing husband agreed to be my assistant and partner in crime…to leave his soccer game early…which he never does…and to be nervous with me!  Only Mike would know who we were…Mike and my husband have worked together at the fire station…but Stacie did not know either of us…perfect!

So here was the day…

The weather was about 20 degrees cooler this day than it was the day before.  Mike had texted me that morning asking if it was good enough weather for photos… I said it is perfect for photos but not sure if its perfect for a picnic! Ha… I think weather did not matter at this point.  Oh and I also was so worried that she was going to see our messages to each other so I reminded him to delete ALL of them!  Men just don’t think of those things sometimes like women do.  😉

My assistant (husband) and I headed up to Bella Vineyards immediately after his soccer game and arrived there only 10 minutes before Mike and Stacie did!  Whew…. We had just enough time to empty their chairs out, place them in the right position and shoo away the customers in the area.  It was funny because there was a family with children playing hula hoop right where I needed to sit and I nervously asked them if they wouldn’t mind moving to a different area, that I was about to photograph a proposal.  You would not believe how accommodating and excited they were!  They told me they would do anything, move anywhere I need them too!  So funny how proposals do that to people…especially women 😉  So we had it all set up… we sat at our table with our glasses of wine and they drove up… shows on!



1 blog-proposal 2 blog IMG_0549 3 blog-proposal



They walked up and found a perfect spot (hee hee) to sit with a great view!  Mike went to the wine cave to get a bottle of wine… as Stacie sat waiting in her chair enjoying the view…. Look at him… does he not look so excited for this!  Love love love it!

4 blog-proposal

5 blog-proposal 6 blog-proposal



They sat and enjoyed each other’s company as my husband and I shot away… I swear we looked so silly both with cameras in our hands taking pictures of everything in sight!


7 blog proposal

After some food and wine, Mike then got up and walked to his truck…this was our cue!  My heart was racing…he got his “gift” out of the ice chest where he was storing it.  He told me they had agreed on not exchanging gifts…his plan was to give her the boots…and inside the one of the boots was the ring box.  A-dor-a-ble!

8 blog-proposal 9 blog-proposal


As Mike gives her the gift, this is where I changed my position and seriously it all was a blur to me from here.  I think the total time was one minute during all these pictures…if that!   It all happened so fast…I then stood up and got right in there…and I don’t think she noticed me at all yet!

10 blog-proposal 11 blog IMG_0444 11 blog-proposal 12 blog-proposal 13 blog IMG_0455


the expression on her face is priceless..made me tear up… I had to hold it together…

14 blog IMG_0458


She said yes! Whew!  Mike had told me gosh I just hope she says yes… and my question to him was how long have you been together… he said three years… I said… she’s waiting for it don’t worry, she will say yes!  (Right?)


17 blog-proposal 18  blog-proposal


Stacie looked so happy, she cried, she hugged him, she looked at her ring, she wiped her tears, she kissed him, she looked at her ring…she is just adorable.


This is where I introduced myself…I was the crazy lady taking a million pictures haha!

19 blogproposal


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I think it is just the sweetest thing that he even thought of capturing this with pictures!  All his planning and details and excitement blew me away.  I am so happy for them.  I feel so lucky to have been a part of making these memories last for them.  And for trusting me…Mike trusted me and although I was a nervous wreck as I’m sure he was too… it was all worth it.  Congratulations Stacie and Mike <3








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    What a special request you got to do! They looked adorable. Congrats to the couple and great job Dee!

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