the barn…sonoma county, ca child photographer

Diptych-3this barn…this is THE barn!  i love…i spotted it a couple years ago while driving on a backroad looking for a barn to get married in.  i took a picture of it with my iPhone…and that was it.  i just looked at it every time i drove past it but never thought of how to get up to it. so a few weeks ago, my photographer friend needed a barn for a client and of course this was the only one that i really paid enough attention to to mention…so off we went…to find the owner!  and wa-la!  the owner was so so nice and said we could take pictures anytime and that many people come up there to take pictures.  so that was it… that’s all it took…seems so simple, right?  i think most people are either flattered that you ask them to take pictures on their property or they are just clueless to how beautiful something they live on is!  so…here it is…it is just amazing to me.


IMG_9595IMG_9623IMG_0003 IMG_9639-3 IMG_9655-2 IMG_9714-2 IMG_9724 IMG_9778 IMG_9801-2 IMG_9848 IMG_9852 IMG_9896 IMG_9908 IMG_9935-2 IMG_9946 IMG_9947 IMG_9974