sweet sweet baby bump… sonoma county, ca maternity photographer


where to begin where to begin…. i was so happy and excited (and a little jealous…just a little) for her when she told me she was pregnant!  our daughters go to school together, she is my good friend, she is my photographer friend and she was my wedding photographer!  she has helped me along the way of this journey of mine and i am thankful for her willingness to do so.  i was waiting for the day she told me she was ready for me to do her maternity session!  originally it was just going to be her… mommy and baby bump, but i am more than happy with the way these turned out with daddy in the photos too!  i could just see the love, care and concern he has with both baby and mom, just so sweet…so passionate.  the session was in the late evening on a late beautiful summer day… we were actually chasing the light as the sun was setting faster than we had expected!  but look!  ahhhh… beautiful light, beautiful mommy, beautiful sweet sweet baby bump, sweet sweet couple.


IMG_5837-2 IMG_5841 IMG_5851 IMG_5864 IMG_5875 IMG_5876 IMG_5880 IMG_5890 IMG_5918 IMG_5956 IMG_5966 IMG_5980 IMG_5997 IMG_6009 IMG_6010 IMG_6014 IMG_6018 IMG_6021 IMG_6026 IMG_6039-3 IMG_6041 IMG_6072-3 IMG_6051 IMG_6099 IMG_6128 IMG_6161 IMG_6190 IMG_6238 IMG_6240-5IMG_6301-3 IMG_6324 IMG_6353