my youngest baby girl… sonoma county, ca child and tween photographer

you are my my baby, my youngest baby i should say…. you are such a good sport when i still want to take your picture.  even if you are pouting you know i just want to remember you how you were, how you looked, your emotions, you.  you are growing up so fast and i’m so sad that this is your last year of elementary school.  you will be in middle school next year and that just does not seem right.  how did it go by so fast?  you are such a sweet and high spirited girl and you are always smiling.  everyone loves you and i can see why.  i am so proud of you and as much as i don’t want you to grow up, i know i have to.

here you are… i was taking an online workshop for personal purposes to capture my family, my everyday kids… and here you are… willing, yet unwilling.  thank you.