my middle child… sonoma county ca child teen photographer

you are the middle child.  my middle child.  you may think that is a bad thing.  but it is not.  you were my second born.  you were my second baby girl.  you were so tiny.  you were and still are my risa roo.  although you hate when i take your picture, holding your hand up or just making a silly face, i’m not going to stop.  i know as you are growing up, and in these oh so exhausting (for mom too) teen years, i know you will get past all the unsureness and become exactly who you want to be.   you are smart.  you are beyond pretty.  and even though you don’t play sports at this time, you are a natural.  you are goofy and quirky and can really make me laugh,  you make anyone laugh.  you are you.  you are so special.  always always remember that.  and one of these days i will get a picture of you and with your pretty blue eyes looking at me again.  my little risa roo.