amanda…class of 2015, sonoma county senior photographer

she was so excited.  she was so laid back.  she is beautiful inside and out.  she was my very first senior rep.

she has done an awesome job and has rocked both of her sessions!  this was her second session with me.  her fall session.  she had just moved away from her home where she grew up.  she drove many hours back home just so she could do her senior shoot here… a place where she is comfortable… a place she knows and loves.  i was so happy to do this wine country session for her.

amanda, i am proud of you.  it is not easy moving to a new place and attending a new school your senior year.  i wouldn’t know, but i can only imagine it is not the easiest.  you have such an easy going, positive and happy personality.  you will do awesome wherever you go.  i love my seniors.  so happy i got to meet you!  thank you.

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