boho fun… windsor, ca sonoma county senior and teen photographer

this group of girls… all i can say is how lucky they are.  to have each other.  to spend this time together.  high school memories in the making for sure.  had so much fun with this boho inspired session!

IMG_8688-2 IMG_8701 IMG_8780 IMG_8794-3 IMG_8807-2 IMG_8829 IMG_8868 IMG_8889 IMG_8921 IMG_8928 IMG_8931 IMG_8958-4 IMG_9005 IMG_9006-3 IMG_9148 IMG_9170-3 IMG_9191-7 IMG_9235-5 IMG_9273 IMG_9275 IMG_9335 IMG_9378 IMG_9403-2 IMG_9431 IMG_9470