almost… thirteen … sonoma county teen photographer

so this is my youngest… my baby.  we are about to have three teenage girls in the house!  i think i needs some prayers here.  so of course i want to do a thirteen year session with her and you would think this is it.  well nope… remember she’s a girl.  this was just a spur of the moment practice session.  and i’m a girl… so wonder where she gets this from.  WE want new outfits and a special location for her special images.  ok.  so this is just the trial session.  😉

2015-11-05_0001 2015-11-05_0002 2015-11-05_0003 2015-11-05_0004 2015-11-05_0005 2015-11-05_0006 2015-11-05_0007 2015-11-05_0008 2015-11-05_0009 2015-11-05_0010 2015-11-05_0011 2015-11-05_0012 2015-11-05_0013 2015-11-05_0014 2015-11-05_0015 2015-11-05_0016 2015-11-05_0017 2015-11-05_0018 2015-11-05_0019 2015-11-05_0020 2015-11-05_0021 2015-11-05_0022 2015-11-05_0023



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