little family of three…sonoma county family photographer

i love the community we have in our small little county.  Renee of Renee Wright Photography contacted me to do their family photos and I couldn’t be more thrilled to have met this beautiful and sweet family of three.  and this little girl of theirs…. she is going to be a heartbreaker! but luckily her daddy is right by her side to keep those boys away for quite a while… she loves him so much she would not stop smiling and laughing!  i could have gone on shooting forever… but the sun set and well here they are.

2016-06-24_0001 2016-06-24_0002 2016-06-24_0003 2016-06-24_0004 2016-06-24_0005 2016-06-24_0006 2016-06-24_0007 2016-06-24_0008 2016-06-24_0009 2016-06-24_0010 2016-06-24_0011