about me

_DSC0916 Hi!  I’m Deanna.  I am a natural light photographer living in Windsor, CA, the beautiful wine country of Sonoma County, CA specializing in lifestyle photography, high school senior portrait sessions, newborn and maternity sessions and I am currently venturing into wedding photography!  

About me… well hmm let’s see.  I am a mother to 3 girls and a step mom to 1 boy.  I married the man of my dreams, the person who is my best friend, who makes me laugh every day, who makes fun of me, who loves me, who loves my children as if they were his own and who looks really hot in his fire fighter “stuff” as I call it.  We also have a little white doggie who is a big part of our family, Ellie.  I have done many things in life.  At 15 1/2 I got my first job at a video store, then moved on to retail, then the world of business insurance sitting in a cubicle behind a computer screen.  Never again.  I worked full time 8-5 Monday through Friday job until my third child was born.  I stayed at home and tried selling BeautiControl, Southern Living at Home, and real estate.  I failed at sales… I just cannot push people into buying things.  Not me.  I went back to school a to become a nurse and realized how much my kids need me around at this time in their life, so that has been put on hold and as I get older, not sure if it will ever happen.  I have always loved to take pictures of people.  I was always the one with a camera starting when I was just a little girl.  Taking pictures of everyone at our camping trips, my neighbor friends and just everyone!  When I had children, I posed them, I purchased indoor lighting sets, I made my own backdrops, I had tons of props.  As my children grew, I got overwhelmed and decided to sell my 35mm film camera and get a point and shoot.  As the years went by, I realized the images just weren’t the same, and I missed my big girl camera.  My husband bought me my first digital SLR Canon Rebel.  And that is where I was encouraged to do this for a living…. or a part time living.  Since then I have upgraded to the Canon 6D, have met and photographed many families, babies, children, high school seniors, friends, newborns, and I am loving it!  This is what I want to do.  This is it.

So what kind of photographer am I?  I started out with the “say cheese” style of everyone looking at the camera, wearing matching clothes, and trying to position them in that perfect pose.  I struggled… it just wasn’t natural.  So, I am no longer that photographer.  No more saying cheese, no more perfect poses and no more matchy matchy.  I want to bring out real smiles, real laughter, real moments.   I want you to feel comfortable.  I want to tell your story through images.   I want to capture you.

There are many many locations in Sonoma County that will be perfect for you.  We will work together to make the perfect session to create those lasting memories you will have forever.

Extras about me… if interested…


I am a true blonde.


My first camera was a  Kodak 110 film camera.  Does that give away my age?


My Dad built me a darkroom when I was 12.


My Grandma bought me my first 35 mm camera at age 13.


I would dress my sister and my neighbors up to model for me when I was younger.


I am a mommy to 3 girls and a step mommy to 1 boy.


I love to scrapbook, but don’t have the time anymore.


I always forget something!


I have taken thousands if not millions of photos of my kids and birthday parties and family events.


I love little white dogs, babies, kids, teens, people!


I work better under pressure….therefore I am a procrastinator.


I love pink, Starbucks Carmel Salted Mocha’s with half the pumps, smiley faces and <3’s.  (update….new favorite color is white!  the rest is still the same, i’m boring.)


I google everything.


I love taking pictures.


I love whole milk, especially before bedtime


I love Bon Jovi.


I love champagne.


I wish I could wear flip flops, jeans and a tank top all year round.


I am married to a man who makes me smile every single day.


My inspiration…my children!


I wake up every morning and can’t wait take more pictures! Sometimes I can’t even sleep at night thinking of the places I want to go, the photos I want to take and ideas running through my head.


My passion, my dream, is taking life moments, real life moments, real smiles, real stories, real laughter, real love, and creating a timeless photo that will be remembered forever.